“It’s going to come at some point, isn’t it? I can see Norman sitting down in her room in front of the mirror and thinking ‘Oh, I’m going to put on her clothes and see what they look like,’”
"He needs to find some answers for himself," Johnson says in a surprise appearance at the panel. "He loves his sister. I think he hoped when he first saw Norma that she was going to be a different reaction than, ‘Get out.’"
Ehrin says, “I think there’s a great deal of unfinished business between them, and what exactly the truth of what happened we really don’t know. … I think digging that out is going to be really interested, but it’s a loaded, loaded relationship because they were incredibly close. And you add Norman into that, and it’s extremely volatile.
“Apparently, there was no kiss, until Freddie Highmore read it.”
- Vera (via sannao75)