• Axl: We need a hot woman for our video
  • Darrin: How about my mom?
  • Axl: Dude gross
  • Darrin: You haven't seen her lately, she lost 14 pounds!
Can we do it in an hour and a half? I’ll be back then.

Yeah whenever’s fine 

Soul Bates Challenge (Gifs/Graphics)


[5] Quotes

[5] Stares

[5] Song Lyrics

[5] Heartbreaking Scenes

[5] Touches

[3] Declarations of Love

[3] Underrated Moments

[3] Hugs

[3] Kisses

[3] Domestic Moments

Favorite Overall Moment

Favorite Episode


Song: Myxomatosis
Artist: Radiohead
Spoilers: Seasons 1-2
Summary: It must have got mixed up.

Link: [dl here]